A Virtual World Premiere - September 21st at 12:00PM

Composed by Felix Jarrar, with texts by Cindy Sadler, Lee Anne Myslewski, and Pamela Nions

Every artist relies on mentorship for feedback, advice, support, and advocacy. Many of our mentors are prominent artistic leaders, but our earliest mentors often don’t get the same recognition. They lifted us up at home, in school, and at church. They were teachers, volunteers, parents, and friends. They were always there for us, before we even understood what we were learning. Because they stood so close, we may not have seen them clearly.

The parent who saved to buy your dance shoes, or who drove you to rehearsal.

The teacher who played classic records for you, or who encouraged you not to give up.

The pastor who praised the power of your voice, or who asked you to help with the children’s choir.

The people you never met who set up the competition tables and made the schedules.

GDQ Arts is proud to present the world premiere of IN/VISIBLE. Three women's stories, lifted through song by composer Felix Jarrar and brought to life by Imani Mchunu Grosvenor and Joshua Marzan. This special performance will be released at 12:00pm on Tuesday, September 21st. Stay tuned...

This activity is supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and The Arts Alliance.